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RCDS Statutes


1.1. All-Russian Union of physical training-sport public associations of Persons with Disabilities “Russian Committee of Deaf Sports”, hereinafter referred to as RCDS, is a voluntary non-governmental all-Russian union of physical training-sport associations – associations of juridical persons on the basis of common interests.

1.2. RCDS fulfils its activity in the territory of the Russian Federation.

1.3. RCDS fulfils its activity in accordance with Constitution and existing legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as with the Federal Law “About public associations”, Federal Law “About physical training and sports in the Russian Federation”, Federal Law “About social protection of Persons with Disabilities in the Russian Federation”, admitted principals and norms of international law, international treaties of the RF and this Statutes.

1.4. RCDS recognizes ideals and principals of International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) and European Deaf Sport Organization (EDSO), International Olympic Committee.

1.5. RCDS, executing its goals, does not allow discrimination of political, race, national, religious or other character.

1.6. RCDS activity is based on the principals of voluntariness, selfgovernance, publicity, equality of rights of all members and lawfulness.

1.7. RCDS is a juridical person of the date of state registration, has its own balance, separate property, can on its behalf conclude contracts, treaties, agreements, to accure property or private non-property rights and to perform obligations, to act as a plaintiff or defendant in the court, to have settlement or other accounts in rubles and in foreign currency in banking institutions in Russia and abroad; to have a seal, stamp, emblem, forms of a standard pattern, symbols, anthem, flag and other attributes, certified and registered subject to the existing legislation.

1.8. RCDS is liable due to its obligations for all its belongings on which in accordance with the existing legislation the penalty can be imposed.

1.9. RCDS is not responsible for its members, and members are not responsible for RCDS obligations.

1.10. RCDS is not responsible for Government obligations, and Government is not liable for RCDS obligations.

1.11. The full name of the RCDS in Russian: Общероссийский союз физкультурно-спортивных общественных объединений инвалидов «Сурдлимпийский комитет России». The short name of the RCDS in Russian: “Сурдлимпийский комитет России”.

1.12. The full name of RCDS in English: “Russian Committee of Deaf Sports”. The short name of RCDS in English: “RCDS”.

1.13. The location of permanent acting managing body of the RCDS Executing committee: 1905 Goda Street, 10-A, city Moscow, 123022, Russian Federation.